We Offer Packing Supplies, Moving Boxes, and Moving Kits with Free Shipping

Do you want some moving supplies and boxes delivered right at your doorstep? We are a moving company that sells moving boxes, supplies, and kits for extremely affordable and discounted rates. Our moving boxes would make your move less stressful; other than protecting all your valuables, they will also save your money and time.

We Offer Moving Boxes of Highest Possible Quality for Preventing Damages

We know that you have worked very hard to buy all the belongings you have today and don’t want to put them at risk of getting damaged during your move. The strong, solid cardboard boxes we offer would not get compressed even when stacked and thus ensure 100% protection for your belongings.

Find out More about the Quality of Our Packing Supplies and Boxes

All large, medium, and small boxes we offer are robust and boasts stacking strength of ECT32; that’s what the majority of the top professional moving companies recommend. In addition, our collection includes bigger specialty boxes such as wardrobe boxes, file boxes, and kitchen boxes boasting stacking strength of 40 ECT, which gives them the power of supporting the additional weight. We also offer specialty boxes designed for packing electronic goods like television.

Other than selling boxes, we also sell high quality packing supplies that have been designed to make moving much easier. Our collection of packing supplies includes everything from stretch wrap to bubble wrap.

About our Moving Kit

We also give our customers the option of building their own moving kit. For that, you would need to pick the packing supplies and cardboard boxes suitable for packing and moving your belongings and add them to your cart. For instance, depending on the items you are looking to move, your kit might include a few regular cardboard boxes and specialty boxes, packing tape, packing peanuts, bubble wrap, shrink wrap, and packing tape. You can call us to buy a kit containing specific items of your need or might also place order for a moving kit based on your home’s size.

We Offer Brand New Moving Boxes That Are Perfectly Clean, Bacteria Free and Would Make Your Move Hygienic

Gathering some moving boxes for free is not a difficult task. You can get them from convenient stores, grocery stores or even from dumpsters. However, have you ever wondered whether that a healthy thing to do? Cardboard cartons obtained from the above mentioned places often get contaminated by bacteria and fungus, which would put both you and your valuables at risk. Buying new moving boxes from us would ensure that the boxes you are packing your goods in are perfectly clean, and absolutely free of dirt, germs, and microscopic organisms.

We offer

Stackable boxes that would maximize the space of the moving dolly or truck and save you a lot of money
Boxes made of recycled materials, which you will be able to recycle again

When you place an order with us, you can expect to get moving boxes with free shipping. We also guarantee fast delivery.

Here are some packing tips that would come in handy both during local moving and long distance moving

Fill the moving boxes to the brim. Fill the gaps using crumpled newspaper. Remember, cartons that are full are much stronger than the ones that are half empty.
Label the boxes properly. The label should include information about the items packed in the box and the room the box should be placed in. Write everything using a black marker.
Wrap your cups, plates, dishes, and china using professional packing paper. Newspapers, as a result of being extremely light in weight, will not be able to protect those fragile items. In addition, they might also leave stubborn ink stains on your belongings.
Pack the hanging clothes in a garbage bag and then place them inside your wardrobe moving box. This will keep them dust-free and clean. Ideally, you should opt for wardrobe boxes featuring wire hangers. This will provide you with additional space for hanging clothes inside.
Arrange your belts and shoes right at the bottom of your wardrobe moving box. This will assist in maximizing the space.
Pack all the items you don’t use any longer. Organize a garage sale for getting rid of them; you can also sell those items on Craigslist. This will reduce the number of items you are transporting (if you have hired a mover, decrease in items to be moved will save you a significant amount of money).
Pack your mattresses in mattress bags for protecting them from damage, heat, dirt, dust, insects, and moisture.
Wrap your furniture using stretch wraps; this would keep them protected from moisture, dirt, and dust.
Pick moving boxes of the correct size. The “Bigger Is Better” philosophy would turn out to be a big failure when you are moving (the same stands true even when you are buying the boxes for storage purposes).
Never forget to place an order for moving blankets. You can get a blanket meant for a single use or might buy a multi mover blanket and keep using it for years. The moving blankets are great at preventing your furniture from developing scratches and are amazing companions when it comes to moving artifacts and heavy items.

Why Is It Better to Avoid Moving Boxes That Are Too Big?

Movers often don’t take up jobs that would require them to transport large and heavy boxes.
Belongings packed in excessively large boxes have greater chance of moving around in the box and breaking.
Unpacking items packed in large boxes often become difficult.

Tips for Picking the Right Moving Box

Use small boxes for packing small and heavy items like cans and books.
Medium boxes are perfect for packing almost any item you are looking to move. That’s the reason why the majority of the moving kits we offer include lots of medium boxes.
Large boxes are suitable for carrying linens, pillows, and blankets.
Extra large boxes, on the other hand, are suitable only for transporting massive lightweight items such as comforters and pillows.
Buy wardrobe boxes for transporting clothes you want to move directly to moving boxes from the closet.

Tips for Healthy Moving

Make sure you get enough sleep, eat healthy meals, and exercise properly when preparing for a move. This is important as people usually need more energy during this transitional time of their lives.
Moving is often extremely stressful. So, try to take part in relaxing activities to get rid of the stress you are going through.
Before you start moving, take an invigorating bubble bath, swim, stop consuming caffeine, take part in a few yoga sessions, practice deep breathing, get a relaxing massage, swim, exercise, eat healthy meals, watch comedy movies, and try aromatherapy.
If all the above mentioned tricks fail to relax you, allow your kids to draw smilies on the moving boxes. This would definitely make you feel better.
You should have a plan ready for getting rid of the moving boxes once you are done with your move. Contact the local city for knowing how the boxes can be recycled.
Place your order for moving supplies and boxes online for making moving easy.