Moving and Storage Services

We are a full-service moving company that is fully equipped to offer you excellent, efficient and reliable moving and storage services including our highly sort after SIT (Storage-in-transit) option.

With this option, you now have peace of mind even when moving into an incomplete home. Should you be faced with the issue of needing more storage space either while moving to a home that is not yet finished or simply bidding your time while you try to find a suitable buyer for your previous home, you can trust us to keep your belongings safe and in great condition. Our highly specialized Moving and Storage Services give you the most flexible of solutions when you are faced with logistical challenges.

Why you need us Moving and Storage?

We all know that when moving, not everything goes according to plan. Logistical mistakes and unforeseen issues arise that may end up costing you more money or even putting your life long possessions at risk. We aptly identified the need for our customers to have an easy-to-use and viable option available when it came to storage-in-transit facilities.

What we offer is not only secure, but it is quite affordable, and highly specialized. When you task us with the job of storing your belongings as you sort out your moving logistics, we will do so in the most secure manner. Our storage facilities are conveniently located and we even go the extra mile and help you move those belongings into your new home whenever you are ready.

Give us a call today and let us take that headache off your plate. Our SIT moving and storage services are always available for our clients when they need it. We are fast, reliable, affordable and highly trustworthy. Your life long belongings are safe with us. You can access them whenever you want and our highly professional staff is always there to assist you whenever you call on us.