Corporate Relocation

When it comes to corporate relocation, it is extremely important to choose a company that is well experienced with corporate moving, and whose corporate moving services have been tested and proved. Traditional Express is a leading company in corporate relocation services, having proved ourselves over and over again to our clients. We have the deep-rooted belief that makes us appreciate that your company has your own way of doing things, and we are ready to keep up with your standard and quality. We will give you the best corporate relocation service regardless of your company’s size or needs.

Corporate Relocation Services

Many companies dealing with corporate relocation services assumes one of the major fundamentals: providing variety. They deny the client an opportunity to enjoy the beauty that comes with additional services. Traditional Express Van Lines is committed to providing corporate clients with a variety of packaged moving services. More than just providing a corporate moving service to you, it is our biggest concern to give your employees the best we have in order to enhance a great moving experience. The varieties include providing a high level of value protection while providing special services like cleaning and technical assistance.
At Traditional Express Van Lines we value our clients time and we try our best to provide corporate relocation services with minimum disruptions of our clients’ schedules. When you choose to work with us, we will establish a great working relationship with your account manager. We will let him/her oversee things on your behalf while ensuring that we do not violate any of your values and beliefs. This will enable you to concentrate on other matters as we handle the transition.
Security of the items at all points of movement is our greatest priority. As a result, we offer a very special packaging and handling of the valuables: all these meant to enhance the security of the goods in transit. This enables end-to-end protection of our clients’ valuables, giving you the confidence in delivery. To your employees, we aim at ensuring their move is as easy as it can possibly be.
Whereas many corporate relocation companies insist on rushed deliveries, we are always very careful with the deliveries we make. We appreciate that some moves may require some additional logistics making them take a little bit longer. However, we ensure that the in-transit control measures are at par with our expectations, and ends your employee’s valuables are safe.
We will be glad to help your employees transit to new homes with contented heart. We are passionate about corporate moving services, which will manifest in our ability to minimize your employee’s interruptions while ensuring smooth and efficient transition.